100 people I would like to interview

So, my business coach – Jared Elrod is helping me set up my new podcast.

Not Another Start Up Podcast.

He has suggested I come up with a list of 100 people I would like to interview.

No questions asked. I have done so.

Here is my top 100.

(I have provided a wiki link to anyone that may be a little foreign to mainstream status).

100 People I would like to interview:

  1. James Altucher
  2. Noah Kagan
  3. Jared Elrod (My biz coach)
  4. A hard core Buddhist monk (that had humour, not massively straight edge).
  5. My girlfriend.
  6. My dad.
  7. Tony Robbins
  8. Mike Tyson
  9. Ricardo Mayorga (boxer)
  10. Will Smith
  11. 50 cent
  12. Dr. dre
  13. Snoop dogg
  14. An Olympic gold medallist
  15. Tim Ferriss
  16. Deepak chopra
  17. Ice-T
  18. Neville Medhora
  19. Matt Groening
  20. Kostya Tszyu
  21. Eddie Griffin
  22. Aziz Ansari
  23. Sacha Baron Cohen
  24. Dalai Lama
  25. Dick Costelloe (Not sure how to exactly spell last name) (CEO of Twitter).
  26. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  27. John Bon Jovi
  28. Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister member and founder)
  29. Michael Singer
  30. Wayne Dyer
  31. Eminem
  32. Rhonda Byrne (Secret)
  33. Marc Ecko
  34. Rick Rubin
  35. Jimmy Iovine
  36. Michael Jordan
  37. Danny Green
  38. Ex-drug addict that has made it through rehab/12 step program
  39. Stephen Hawking
  40. Vegan meal planner
  41. Alkaline dietician
  42. Someone who beat a really tough cancer without medical treatment
  43. Professional dog trainer
  44. Ex-Marketer from Nike
  45. Joseph Murphy (Author of “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” – affiliate link)
  46. Founder of PETA (I think Ingrid is her name?)
  47. Ex-marketer from Coke-a-Cola.
  48. Mark Walberg
  49. Dicky Eklund (boxer/ex-drug addict)
  50. Micky Ward
  51. Sugar Ray Leonard
  52. Christian Bale
  53. Birdman
  54. Shaq
  55. Kobe Bryant
  56. Michael Chieka (Wallabies, Australian Rugby Union coach)
  57. The guy who came up with the movie idea for Space Jam.
  58. Founder/CEO of Greenpeace.
  59. Tony Hawk
  60. Bam Margera
  61. Brandon DiCamilo
  62. Pharrell Williams
  63. Terry Kennedy
  64. Antwaun Dixon
  65. Old school marketing dude. Like some guy from Mad Men
  66. Russell Simmons
  67. Miranda Sings
  68. The old man down the street who will not die
  69. Someone who overcame suicide
  70. The Honey Badger
  71. Freddie Roach
  72. Johnny Lewis
  73. Floyd Mayweather
  74. Kevin Rooney (Mike Tyson’s old boxing coach)
  75. Someone who sets the odds for a sports betting agency (how is it done, behind the scenes)
  76. Anyone that has healed them self from Asthma
  77. A guy that used to work as ex-casino security (looking for people fixing the odds).
  78. Jack Delosa
  79. Donald J. Trump
  80. Pat Riley
  81. Creator of Dragon Ball Z
  82. Creator of Pokemon
  83. Wanderlei Silva
  84. Chuck Liddell
  85. Ken Shamrock
  86. A billionaire – To ask them about their work ethic/daily/weekly routine, interesting people they have met.
  87. Quentin Tarantio – I would ask about his creative process.
  88. Denzel Washington – How he started out/work ethic.
  89. A boxing referee – Craziest things he’s seen in the ring.
  90. Miguel Cotto – Work ethic.
  91. Hypnotherapist
  92. Joseph McClendon III
  93. Anthony Mundine
  94. Wayne Bennett
  95. Ice Cube
  96. Jenna Marbles
  97. Current CEO of Apple computers.
  98. Kendrick Lamar
  99. Loosest Aussie bloke YouTube guy
  100. A professional boxing strength and conditioning coach
  101. Top negotiator e.g. car salesman, real estate agent – how they make you sweat.

I lied. 101 people I would like to interview :)


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