5 Bullet Friday (25-9-15)

I’m a fan of Tim Ferriss.

He does the 5 bullet Friday. I want to do the 5 bullet Friday.

Here is my 5 bullet Friday e.g. 5 things I have found cool/interesting/useful to me this week.

1. Audio book: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (affiliate link biatch).

Last week was tough for me. I forgot how to be happy. Sometimes I feel depressed.

This book reminds me of how I can find inner peace and happiness within my world.

I have listened to this audio book once this week and by this coming Sunday it will be twice.

My inner peace has improved dramatically due to this book :).

2. Podcast: 5 Morning Rituals that Help Me Win the Day.

If you get the morning right, the rest of your day should follow.

Basically, this podcast is about what Tim Ferriss does every morning to set his day off to a good start.

(Note that the most successful people have some form of morning ritual they do every morning to set their day straight).

Two things I have taken from this podcast:

  • Extending my morning meditation from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Making my bed in the morning.

3. Headphones: Beats by Dr Dre Solo2.

If you can’t tell by points 1 and 2 I like audio…

And if you listen to as much audio as I do (roughly 1 hour minimum per day), you need to have good headphones in order to maximise the listening pleasure.

I like Dr Dre so I brought his brand. Street cred. Whaaat.

4. Be a kid again:

Children are playful.

Kids laugh way more than adults.

Kids also have way more fun than adults.

I was feeling down last Sunday… UNTIL I went around to my girlfriends house and played with her little sister.

She’s 13 and knows how to have fun.

She’s always outside running around, doing back flips and making jokes.

Here’s a photo of us playing outside and having FUN!



5. The power of NO:

“Can you come in and work tomorrow before you start your other job”?


“Can you help me out with this little thing”?


“Can I tell you about something negative”?


If you don’t want to do something… SAY NO!

Life is short and precious.

Imagine when your time is up you are given an invoice for your life that details how your time was spent…

How many hours will you have under the category “Doing things you didn’t really want to do”.

I want as less hours as possible.

Here is a book I read about the Power of NO (yes, another affiliate link).

So that’s my first ever 5 Bullet Friday.

Please feel free to share one piece of information with me that you would include in your own 5 Bullet Friday in the comments section below.

I read all comments so please, enlighten me.


– Jordan


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