How to Become A Human Stress Ball To Fight Depression, Anger and Anxiety

I clenched every muscle in my body as tightly as I could.

I put all my energy into clenching.

I squeezed my jaw tight.

I was rock solid.

“Hold until it feels better. Keep pushing, you’re not done yet” I said to myself.

So, I kept holding.

20, maybe 30 seconds? Something of that length.



I feel better.

I am a human stress ball.

Did I shit myself?



Thank god.


You know that feeling you get in your chest when you’re really angst, angry or depressed?

It’s tight, constrictive and it may even feel a little hot.

(Well, that’s what it feels like to me anyway).


Well, becoming the human stress ball helps me to flush this feeling out of my body (or at least subdue it).

How do you become the human stress ball?

By contracting all your muscles throughout your body at once and holding until you feel like you have had enough.

Doing this will make you feel better and will stop you from holding all that negativity inside of you.

It will also help to stop you from fly kicking the next person who sneezes in your nearby vicinity…

But in all seriousness, doing this will help stop you from taking your anger out on those you interact with e.g. those you may love and care about, in a much more constructive way.

The human stress ball. Try it next time you’re super pissed off about some messed up shit.

Works for me and it’s much quicker than hitting the bag for 45 minutes.


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