How to get a corporate job with no qualifications hack

I will demonstrate my idea on how to land a corporate job with no qualifications via my insane attempt with

Okay, so to start things off for anyone who does not know what is…

Imagine if eBay and Craigslist met at a bar one night.

And things started to get a little wild.

Soon enough eBay ends up at Craigslist’s house and well… things get even wilder.

9 months later is born.

In short… like a foot to a shoe, is a connector for people that want something to people that have something.

Now, I suppose you want to find out how I exactly tried to get a corporate job with Gumtree Australia with no qualifications what-so-ever.

So I will start with this little comment – Ideas can be used as a form of currency!

Don’t phase out on me here!


(Now I did not come up with this concept but I do support it, and credit is due where credit is due, so if you want to learn more about becoming an idea machine and ideas as a form of currency visit

Let me ask you a question.

You’re an employer.

Someone comes to ask you for a job. They hand you a plain old resume, it lists their qualifications, previous employment and how they went to school at blah blah blah High.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Yep, yep, very good.

Now imagine someone else comes to ask you for a job and they hand you a few sheets of paper.

The first sheet of paper says in big bold letters…


10 Ideas to Make You More Money.

You turn to the next page and it begins to list out 10 well thought and implementable ideas of how your business could improve to make you more mow-nay!

Would you hire the 10 ideas guy?

In my opinion, I think it’s a no brainer that you would hire the 10 ideas guy, as long as the ideas were good, right?

And would you even care that they have never been to university?

I mean they just handed you 10 solid ideas that perfectly relate to your business, they have told you how to make more money and it makes sense to you and they have promised more ideas following an employment position would you stop and say “oh! Hold up… This person has no degree. Better turn them down!”.

You probably wouldn’t.

Please note that I have asked this question to a few business owners and they all said that yes, they would go with the 10 ideas guy with or without a degree.

So, this is basically how I went about attempting to get a job with

Now, at the time I was a bit of a rookie when I sent out my 10 ideas.

Hell, I couldn’t even get to 10 solid ideas.

I came up with 5 decently good ideas and 5 other “meh” ideas.

I decided to only send out the 5 good ideas and ditch the other 5 “meh” ideas at the fear that they may only dilute my lists overall potency.

So, with my 5 ideas list ready to go all I had to do now was find out whom the hell from Gumtree Australia I would send my ideas too.

So, I did a quick Google search to try and find out who some of the key players were.

I got a few names, but the only downfall was… I couldn’t find their email addresses!

(Now I could have physically gone out and personally attempted to creepily bump into these individuals outside of the Gumtree Australia head office but this would not have been time effective and while it shows commitment, in my eyes it comes across a little “old school” in a hit and miss scenario such as this).

So, I instead searched for their profiles on LinkedIn as a point of contact.

Bingo, I found them all.

Bingo again.

They all had the ability to receive InMail (basically an instant message on LinkedIn) from strangers as long as that stranger had a LinkedIn Premium account.

Luckily at the time LinkedIn Premium was offering free sign up for the first month of Premium access that could be cancelled at any time! (This is still available as of this date).

So, as the tight ass bastard I am, I decided to go this route and sign up!

I then sent off my 5 ideas to two corporate players from Gumtree Australia.

And I received absolutely no reply.

(Initiate mass anti-climax).

But that’s cool! Because it was my first attempt.

But I’m happy that I at least got a blog post out of it and I also got to make my idea muscle sweat.

And that’s the beauty of idea generation, the fact that practice makes you better at it!

Let me put it into perspective for you.

If you were to write out 10 ideas and then submit them to a different business each week for one whole year, by the end of that year you would have written and sent off 520 ideas.

You would imagine that after sending out 520 ideas you should be getting pretty good at idea generation and if you’ve received any feedback on your submitted ideas you should be even better.

Like a muscle, idea generation can be trained and improved as James Altucher says it “you have to make your idea muscle sweat”.

Qualification or not, hand in 10 solid implementable ideas to a business hungry for growth and you will have an advantage over everyone else.

I guess I have 510 more ideas to go this year.

Hoping this is useful for anyone trying to hack the system!


Until next time,

Yo man,


Oh and for anyone that wants to see my ideas for Gumtree here it is!

5 ideas for Grant Bryce

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