Inner Peace Must Come First

Inner peace must come first.

How is one meant to succeed when all they can think about is – “Did I say that right? Did I offend anyone? Oh god, why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut”.

How is one meant to succeed when all they can think about is – “That mother fucker cut me off. That fucking son of a bitch. I hope he crashes”.

How is one meant to succeed when all they can think about is – “I hope they like me. I am going to be extra nice to everyone so that I can be friends with them”.

I used to spend all my time chasing money.

I was miserable and I got nowhere.

Everything was an effort.

I felt like a flat tyre.

Deflated and punctured.

I was depressed. I could hardly talk to people and had slim to no love for myself.

How is one meant to succeed when they feel this way?

It is impossible.

Inner peace must always come first.

I used to be so worried about what other people thought of me.

I used to think that being seen as a “tough guy” or “the man” was so important.

I used to try and give off a vibe that I was bad ass. That I was tough. That I was “cool”.

I put up a façade because I was terrified to be my true self.

People aren’t stupid and I’m sure they saw straight through me.

They were just to nice to tell me.

If I ever stepped on you to make myself feel big, I am sorry.

Today I am more content, calm and relaxed than I have been in many, many years.

My inner peace is a choice that always comes first.

I cannot help others unless I am peaceful inside.

I cannot make money unless I am peaceful inside.

I cannot be truly happy unless I am peaceful inside.

Here are three books that will bring you inner peace and release you of bondage:

  1.  You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay.

    This book will teach you to love yourself. You cannot be successful at anything unless you love yourself. You cannot be happy unless you truly love yourself.


  2.  The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power – Vernon Howard.

    My girlfriend bought this book after it was recommended by Bob Proctor during an online seminar we watched. This book will teach you how to deal with all facets of life including being your true self. Not becoming your true self, but being your true self.You do not become your true self, you simply be it, because it was you all along.


    “A great man is coming to my house for dinner. I do not wish to please him, I wish that he pleases me” – Emerson.

  3.  The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer.

    I have recommended this book before on my blog. It was my first taste of enlightenment and it has had me hooked on inner peace and calmness ever since. A well rounded book that will teach you the correct way to deal with everyday life.


Spending 30 minutes every morning reading one of these books and taking important notes before the start of your day will change your life.

Try it for 30 days and feel how calm you become.

I do it every morning before I start anything.

“Unhealthy impressions (negative thoughts) are like thieves in the night who come to steal your psychic riches.

You cannot stop them from trying to enter, but you can stop them from penetrating by becoming aware of them”.

Note: All book links are affiliate links. If you purchase via these links I do make a commission on sales. Just keeping it real.

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