Guess what books I have on my bedside table (video)

Lol at the Youtube video preview display picture…

  1. Purple Cow – Seth Godin (How to stand out in marketing e.g. be a purple cow…).
  2. The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century – George Friedman (As the title says… A forecast for what will happen to the world in the next 100 years).
  3. Undisputed – Mike Tyson (Autobiography of Mike’s life.. Does get pretty deep and dark).
  4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker (How to have the perfect mindset to create riches).
  5. Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins (How to unlock potential within you).
  6. Money Master the Game – Anthony Robbins (How to have big riches when you retire).
  7. Quantum Healing – Deepak Chopra (Exploring the connection between mind and body medicine).
  8. All Marketers are Liars Tell Stories – Seth Godin (We believe that wine tastes better in a $20 bottle than a $1 dollar bottle. And believing it makes it true).
  9. The Power of your Subconscious Mind – Dr. Joseph Murphy (How fine tuning your subconscious can change your life).
  10. The End of Cheap China – Shaun Rein (How China is changing as an economy).
  11. Rich Kids: How the Murdochs and Packers lost $950 million in One.Tel – Paul Barry (Bookumentuary on how to lose $950 million).
  12. Einstein: The Life and Times – Ronals W. Clark (Biography of one of the worlds most unique thinkers life).
  13. The Brains Way of Healing – Norman Doidge (The discovery that the brain has its own unique way of healing).


How to get a corporate job with no qualifications hack

I will demonstrate my idea on how to land a corporate job with no qualifications via my insane attempt with

Okay, so to start things off for anyone who does not know what is…

Imagine if eBay and Craigslist met at a bar one night.

And things started to get a little wild.

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How to Sextuple Your Businesses Reach Through “Stunt Marketing”

After I found out about Monopoly Maker Hasbro’s idea to hide real cold hard cash within randomly selected pre-packaged Monopoly play sets…

I could not continue my day without asking myself…

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How to Get a Reply When Cold Emailing Seth Godin, James Altucher and Noah Kagan

“Why didn’t they fecking reply! That email was so good.” – I privately said out loud to myself this morning as I reread the final email pitch that I sent to James Altucher, which was intercepted and eventually ignored by his wife, Claudia Azula Altucher.

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