Why I started an investment account and what I spend it on

So, I started an investment account around May this year (2015).

Why: I would rather spend my money on investing in myself, rather than spending it on crap.

e.g. take out food, unnecessary luxuries and god knows what else.

How: 5% of whatever I make goes into this account.

e.g. If I make $100 at work, $5 goes into the account.

What: Here’s what investments I have made so far…

Note: I consider spending money on self improvement/development as an investment.
  • 25/5/15 – New jeans. I basically have one good pair of jeans I wear to work.
    My last pair got a hole in them, so I invested in a new pair.

    I consider this an investment as I need to wear decent clothes to work otherwise I would look like a bum and in my opinion looking like a bum makes it much harder for others to give you opportunities.

    Nobody trusts a sloppy looking bum.

  • 13/7/15 – Audible download (Mp3 audio book). The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (affiliate link).

    I heard the author (Michael Singer) get interviewed on a James Altucher podcast.

    Here is the iTunes link to the James Altucher podcast episode – https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/the-james-altucher-show/id794030859?mt=2 (See episode 119).
    Or if you wanna check the episode out right now you can listen to it online via this link to James’ blog.

    Basically, the book is about finding inner peace (I mean, who doesn’t want more of that right?).

    Books like this should be part of all schooling curriculum’s (in my opinion).

    I wish someone told me about this stuff when I was much younger.

    If you’re feeling down, upset, depressed or stuck… Like me when I bought this book, this will work for you.

  • 3 X monthly payments ($150 $US) to my business coach Jared Elrod AKA. porn star name: J-Rod, AKA. Mexican wrestler name: El Rod.

    His coaching sales page (No affiliate link).
    His website (No affiliate link).

    For me to get shit done I sometimes need someone to hold me accountable… Jared is great for that, even if I have to pay him for it haha.

    Not to mention that he also provides great advice and is a bit of an online O.G.

  • 21/8/15 – Audible download (Mp3 audio book). The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self by Alex Lickerman (Affiliate link).

    I came across this book by accident while surfing Amazon.

    The title took me in…

    “The Undefeated Mind”.

    The title sounded badass and the book so far has turned out to be pretty badass itself. I’m about half way through, but so far, so good.

    As the title denotes, the book is about creating an indestructible self.

    If one had low self esteem/felt mentally weak/was not achieving the success in life they desire I would recommend this book.

So that’s my list of investments so far.

Not one item in that list have I regretted spending money on.

My next investment will most likely be a new laptop. Upgrade to a Mac baby!


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